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Walchem's online support is here to assist you with answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions, installation and troubleshooting tips and training materials.

If you need additional support, please click here to locate your local master distributor. Walchem's master distributors maintain local inventory of pumps, controllers and spare parts, are fully trained to provide technical support, and understand the needs of customers in their territories.

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General Support

Download USB Driver Wireless Connectiion to LAN Compatible USB Sticks
Pre-Installation Checklist Putting your WebMaster/WIND on a LAN Replacing WebMaster Boards
Quick Start Guide Connecting Modem to Modem ORP Calibration
Windows XP USB Driver Install Connecting via ShoulderTap Toroidal Sensor Setup
WIndows Vista USB Driver Install Email Setup & Support Accessory Wiring
Windows 7 USB Driver Install Networking Master & Slave Webmaster and Wireless Ethernet (Raven X)
Windows 8 USB Configuration PDF Relay Interlock Logic Disinfection Sensor Technical Tips
Windows 10 USB Driver Install     4-20 mA Input Wiring
MAC USB Driver Install        
Connecting via Direct Ethernet        



Spare Parts

USB Connection Troubleshooting VNet Connection to VTouch Server WebMaster Spare Parts
WebMaster fails to start up Troubleshooting VCell/GPRS    
Power Supply Check        
Boiler (WMB) Troubleshooting        
Automatic Reports/Text Msgs        
Java for Viewing Live Data        
Modbus Scripts        
Little Dipper        
ORP Sensor Troubleshooting        
pH Sensor Troubleshooting        
Contacting Conductivity Sensor Troubleshooting        
WebMaster Software Upgrade
WIND Software Upgrade
WebAlert Software Upgrade
WebMaster Firmware Upgrade
WIND Firmware Upgrade
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