Upgrading your WebMasterONE Software



Please read the following instructions carefully before downloading your software.

Upgrading the software on your WebMasterONE is easy!  All you need is a 32 MB (or higher) USB flash memory stick. (*Note: If you have a WMT7,WMB7 or WGI7, you can only upgrade with a new chip or if the controller is on the Internet).

Determine your upgrade from the Available Upgrades below then follow these Instructions:
  1. Click on the applicable software upgrade link below. A dialog box will open, asking if you want to save or open the file. Choose "Save As". In XP and Vista, save it to your desktop (this makes it easy to find). In Windows 7 & 8, the file is saved in your "Downloads" folder.

  2. Plug in your USB flash drive. The drive window should open. If not, go to "My Computer", and open it (should be "Removable Media" drive). 

  3. Drag the Software Upgrade over to the USB drive. (Make sure that the Upgrade is the only file on the drive.)

  4. Unplug the USB flash drive from the computer.

Upload the software to your WebMasterONE.

  1. Plug the memory stick into the USB Host connections on the core interface board. The stick will only fit in one direction.

  2. Enter the Software Upgrade Menu. Press Next until the word START is highlighted, then press Enter.

  3. The Status section of the screen will indicate that the upgrade has started. Once it finishes (in a few minutes) the controller will reboot.

  4. Remove the memory stick. This may be used to upgrade as many controllers as you would like.

Available Upgrades:
  • If your WebmasterONE is software version is less than v004, upgrade using s800v004, then upgrade with s800v008 and then upgrade to s800v009-02.

  • If your WebmasterONE is software version is v006 or greater, then you can use the upgrade s800v009-02. Your Webmaster's current software revision can be found on the System Summary page under Software ID.

  • In order to upgrade to a version higher than s800v009-02, you must replace both the core and the core interface board to the latest revision. This will come with the most up to date software on the core and firmware on the core interface.

  • If your WebMasterONE is software version s800v010 or s800v011, download the V012 file and this file. Remember to save both files on your USB flash disk!
    Once both files are saved, upgrade the controller to s800v012 and then upgrade to s800v013 using the file below.
    • If your WebMasterONE is software version s800v012, download the V013 file .
    • If your WebMasterONE is software version s800v013 or 15 download the V021 file .
    • If your WebMasterONE is software version s800v017, v020, v021, v021a or V23, download the V024 file.

Note: The software upgrade may create a new configuration file. If you have previously saved the configuration file, you should discard the old copy and export a new copy after performing the upgrade. Check all set points after performing an upgrade.

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