Toroidal Sensor Setup



If you have an Electrodeless (eCond or Toroidal) Sensor :

  • Select "Electrodeless Conductivity" from the list of sensors in the Start-up page. It is necessary to cycle power after submitting this change for the automatic temperature compensation to be correct (remember to click on the Submit Details button on the bottom of any page to accept the changes).

  • Check the temperature reading and calibrate if necessary.

  • On the Sensor Input menu, select the conductivity range that matches the sensor (0 - 10,000 uS/cm is typical for the cooling tower econd sensors).

  • On the Sensor Input menu, make sure uS is selected under the Conductivity units.

  • Re-do the zero calibration.

  • Re-do the single point calibration, preferably in the process tee, not in a container of standard .