Flow verification

FCM Flow Verification Sensor




Flow verification sensor
  • Provide low cost flow verification on the suction side of the E-Series pumps. 

  • Installation on the suction side insulates it from varying discharge parameters such as high or inconsistent pressures.

  • Use the moving liquid during the suction stroke to sense that the pump is metering chemical. 
    • Validates flow, providing a pulse output for each verified flow pulse.

  • Can be used with a controller to totalize chemical and will sense when there is an air-lock condition (no output pulses). 

  • Flowrates down to 0.1mL/stroke can be accurately monitored. 

  • Operate with a 5-24VDC-power source, drawing a maximum of only 8mA. 

  • Output is an NPN open collector dry contact closure.




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