W100 Controller Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve accidently changed the language, and have to change it back. How can I do this when I can’t read the screen?

1) Press the “Home” key to return to the Home screen
2) Press the fourth key (Config key) to go to the Configuration menu.
3) Press the fifth key (Enter key) to select the Global Settings sub-menu.
4) Press the third key (Down key) six (6) times to navigate to the last selection on this menu.
5) Press the fifth key (Enter key) to select the Language setting.
6) The first selection on the Language selection menu is English (always written in English).
In summary: Home, Config, Enter, Down to the Bottom (6 keystrokes), Enter.

I have a W100 in the field. Can I order and field-install an analog input card?
No. The analog input card must be ordered when you order the controller. It is factory installed only.
A relay is not coming on, even though the set point is reached. What’s the problem?
The default for the relays is the OFF mode. In the relay menu, change the mode to AUTO.
How many sensors can I use with the W100?
The W100 is a single-sensor controller.
Can I use the same sensors used with W400 and Webmaster controllers with the W100?
No. They may look similar, but they are NOT interchangeable.
Can I log any of my data with the W100 controller?
The controller will not log any data internally.  You can order the W100 with the analog output option, thereby allowing you to, for example, retransmit let’s say the conductivity value, as a 4-20 mA signal and connect the signal wires to some external datalogger.
Is there any way to communicate remotely to the W100?
No. There are no external communications.