To complete your system, Walchem provides high quality accessories that are required for cooling tower, boiler, potable water, and wastewater applications. All of Walchem’s accessories are carefully designed and selected for compatibility with our pumps and controllers to enable our customers to provide a complete system solution.
WEL pH/ORP Electrodes


Cost-effective differential pH and ORP electrodes for industrial applications.
WDS Differential ph/ORP Sensors

WDS Differential pH/ORP

Differential pH and ORP sensors are designed for industrial applications to be long-lasting and reliable.
High Temp/Pressure pH/ORP Electrodes

High Temp/Pressure
pH/ORP Electrodes


Higher temperature rating, steam sterilizable, high operating pressure and waterproof cable.
CCOnd Sensors

Contacting Conductivity

Contacting Conductivity Sensors measure conductivity utilizing contacting graphite or stainless steel electrodes.  They are ideal for use in cleaner water such as cooling towers and boilers, and other applications up to a conductivity of 10 mS/cm
ECond Sensors

Conductivity Sensors

Electrodeless Conductivity Sensors measure conductivity of a solution utilizing non-contacting, toroidal technology.  This makes them ideal for a variety of very harsh chemical control applications, including oily cleaner baths, chromates, rinse tanks, and fume scrubbers up to a conductivity of 1000 mS/cm.

Pyxis Fluorometers


Monitor and control cooling tower inhibitors that are supplied with PTSA or Fluorescein dyes in their formulations.

WDIS Disinfection Sensors


Amperometric disinfection sensors offer a cost effective and reliable solution to your disinfection control requirements.
Copper/Nickel Sensors



Copper/Nickel sensors are optoelectronic on-line analyzers designed for use in electroless copper/nickel baths, and microetch baths that contain more than 0.10 grams/liter (g/L) of copper or nickel ions. Immersible copper sensors are available for direct in-tank monitoring of solutions, or flow through sensors that are designed for out-of-tank monitoring.
Little Dipper 2 Fluorometer

Little Dipper2


Simple monitoring of cooling tower or boiler inhibitors that are supplied with dye in their formulation.
Handheld Little Dipper

Handheld Little Dipper

Complements the Little Dipper by verifying fluorescent dye concentration in field samples.


LPR Corrosion

Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) sensors connect to the W900 controller, two sensors per corrosion input card, which can measure or control the corrosion rate and corrosion imbalance (pitting) of two different alloys in the cooling tower .