WebAlert® Remote Monitor




WebAlertWebAlert® seamlessly web-enables your installed equipment, providing local and remote access to vital system information, without the need to physically visit remote sites. WebAlert® monitors and datalogs analog and digital inputs from virtually any installed device, and notifies on-site and remote personnel of any system abnormalities

  • WebAlert integrates the functions of a monitor, data logger and auto-dialer in one low cost package. It is easily customized to your application without the need for a programmer.

  • No subscription service, monthly fees, or proprietary software is required. View data and program settings with just a standard web browser

  • Monitor up to six (6) 4-20mA signals and six (6) discrete inputs.

  • Access live or stored data remotely within the facility (LAN) or from anywhere in the world

  • System status reports and datalog files can be emailed automatically on a regular basis. Instant alarm notification via cell phone text message, email, or local alarm relay



Featuring the VTouch® Remote Account Manager
  • Managed water treatment services
  • Fully synchronized with Walchem's web based controllers, making set-up and configuration simple and fast.
  • No more tracking cellular data or dial-up ISP plans
  • Quick, centralized 24/7 awareness of account status

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